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The History of Lambton Ford

How old do you think Lambton Ford is? Check out these great pictures that act as a window into the history of our dealership!

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A History of Dreams and Successes for Over 100 Years…

In the early 1900s, two men by the names of Samuel Hitchcock (Manager of the Automobile and Bus Company) and William T. Richardson (Owner of Kenwick Terrace), had a dream to open an automotive business. This dream became a reality when together they opened the Sarnia Garage in 1910. Nine years later, in 1919, they purchased the Ford Garage from J.W. Harold, of Sarnia. In 1920 this garage located at 260 North Christina Street, became Hitchcock and Richardson, Ford Sales and Service, followed by the Universal Car Sales and Service Company, a short time thereafter.

In 1927, The Lambton Motors Limited was formed when Albert Gort and Nobel Duff obtained the Ford franchise.

By 1934, a prominent local physician and surgeon by the name of Dr. Calvert M. Carruthers (Carruther’s Clinic, Sarnia) became the new owner and President of the newly incorporated Lambton Motors Inc. John D. Murray, Vice President through this period of time eventually purchased the dealership from Dr. Carruthers in the early 1940s. In 1952 John D. Murray moved the company to 200 Vidal Street.

In 1959, the dealership was purchased by Richard A. Coltman. By the year 1964, the company had outgrown this facility and made their move to the southwest corner of Indian Road and Confederation Street, where it still operates today.

In 1980, the dealership was purchased by Harold J. Hall. In 1990 property was acquired on the corner of Campbell Street and Indian Road, allowing Lambton Motors Limited to further expand their facilities. In 1997 the Company acquired the Carstar Collision Franchise.

In 1998 Robert Ravensberg became a partner in the company acting as Vice President of Sales and was appointed Vice President and General Manager in 2005.

The year 2000 saw the addition of the Fast Lane Center and Drive-thru car wash.

By the year 2005 the facility was upgraded to meet the Ford “New Millennium Standards.” We are proud of our upgraded facility and it will allow us to prosper and move forward to meet the requirements of our staff and customer base for the future.

Over the last 100 years, from the beginning with Samuel Hitchcock and William Richardson, to today, Lambton Motors has left a historic mark as becoming a major automotive centre. This would not have been possible without the dedication of customers and employees, both past and present.

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